Parrot Training – Why Train Your Parrot at All?

Parrot Care

A large number of parrot owners don’t realize parrot training involves a lot more than just teaching your bird some tricks or to say a few words. If you acquire a very young bird, the only thing it knows is what its instincts tell it to do or what a breeder or previous owner in the case of an older bird, might have taught it. You have the sole responsibility of training it and teaching it what it needs to know to get along happily with its new human companions. In the case of an older bird it may have to “unlearn” some bad habits if it has some behavior problems. All of this is training and it will involve some work. Your job is to be a parent in many ways.

If you already have a bird you may be having trouble. This is where the need for training can become urgent. You probably spent a lot of money for your parrot not to mention all the needed accessories and supplies. It would be terrible to see all that go to waste and even worse for the bird if you decide to give up.

If you’ve had your bird for awhile you may have noticed it starting to pick its feathers – incessantly. That beautiful bird that you were so proud of, now looks like a worn out feather duster. Perhaps your bird bites – every time you go near it. That certainly is no fun especially when your closest friend and her bird are the best of friends and almost inseparable. What could be the problem? Maybe your parrot screams – night and day. Maybe it’s screaming loud enough so you are starting to get annoying comments from your neighbors.

All of these are good reasons to start some serious training of your parrot. Maybe we should call it teaching your bird some basic social skills so it can get along with family and friends and allow you to enjoy each other the way you had intended.

A parrot is not a dog or a cat. It is not domesticated. Just because it was hatched in captivity rather than in a tree in a rain forest does not make its wild genes go away. It is however, intelligent and adaptable. It can be taught proper behavior – trained. Some have likened its intelligence to that of a dolphin. A creature like that certainly deserves the benefit of training and commitment of its owner.

We socialize are children as much for there well being as for our own sanity. We want them to be able to function within the bounds of normally accepted behavior. It’s really no different with your parrot. It is a grave disservice to neglect to teach it the good manners it needs so it can become the great companion it has the capability of being. It will take some effort however.

If you have a parrot with behavior problems do give up. If you don’t, certainly don’t let it develop any. With effort, time, patience and love those unwanted behaviors can be modified or even eliminated. Train your parrot. Socialize your parrot. It is the kindest thing you will ever do for it. Don’t you think he deserves it?

Matt Carver is an author and parrot enthusiast. Learn more about parrot training and many other parrot care tips by downloading a copy of his latest book on Parrot Care.