Care For and Train Your Friendly Birds

Care For and Train Your Friendly Birds

Living With Companion Birds

Friendly Birds has all the bird resources you need

Information and resources on companion birds.

This site is for bird lovers.
My kids and I have a passion for our pet birds and have been researching and devouring bird videos and parrot courses for a couple of years now. We decided to put the site friendlybirds together so we could help other bird owners find some of the cool bird resources that we know about. So at you will discover all kinds of helpful information about parrots and other pet birds.Whether your thinking about buying your first parrot or you have kept companion birds your whole life and are just looking for information to help you take the best care of your birds that you can have come to the right place
We have compiled everything from how to hand rear a baby bird and teach it to talk to training parrots to do cool tricks. I dont think is cruel or mean to teach your bird new things, they love it, it builds the bond between you and keeps their minds healthy, To a pet bird its much better to be actively learning new things than to be stuck in a cage all day every day.
Now If you have a naughty bird and struggling with a badly behaved parrot then you just need some help so we have found the best free and paid bird advice and parrot resources to help solve your bird related problems right here to help you!

The kids and I will be expanding this site over the coming weeks and months to make sure that it is the best bird site online providing you with everything from bird diet and parrot nutrition information to tips on teaching your bird new tricks and getting them to talk whistle and sing with joy.

If you have an unhappy anti social bird all is not lost as you can fix all kinds of behavior problems even if you have a parrot who bites, screams and won’t let you touch or pick it up and turn your nasty bird completely around and into a friendly bird who wants your attention, steps up onto your finger and lets you scratch and pet them. There is nothing like a companion bird who loves you and does little tricks, talks, sings or whistles and mimics other sounds around your house. Parrots have so much personality that once you really get to know and understand their needs they really will will love you back unconditionally and you will love them like a treasured child. Parrots also make wonderful friends and life long companions because they do have long life spans and will probably out live most adults who get a new baby parrot or young bird, something to be considered when choosing your first parrot.

So to point you in the right direction from the start make sure your aware of the absolute best bird training taming and tricks material available online. There is no question in my mind as to what site is the best resource for bird courses, videos and resources and that is the material produced by the famous bird trainers and experts the Womachs. Chet Womach is probably the best guy on the planet to learn things from about pet birds and his product range is what I consider to be the absolute best in bird training and taming materials and their website the most professionally run pet bird site online, I mean it , I am a dedicated and loyal member of this Bird Tricks site and have purchased all of their bird courses, parrot training dvds, bird books and even the natural bird toys. If you love interacting with your bird and want to learn more about bird behavior while at the same time picking up tonnes of free bird tips and techniques that will ensure you and your best buddy live a long happy good quality life together you really should check out the womachs products as they simple are the best bird resources I have found.

Bird Tricks and Training Courses

Here are some of the Womach bird products that I have ordered myself and enjoyed so much, they are all so cool no bird owner should be without them.


30 Day Free Trial Offer -- Main Course (limited time only)

$2.95 Talking Course Trial talking
This is an awesome deal if you want a good talking bird, take up this trial offer to teach your bird to talk, you will receive these awesome DVDS delivered direct to your door anywhere in the world!
Parrot Talking Course Trial Offer


Parrot training course 30 Day Free Trial Offer -- Main Course (limited time only)

30 Day Free Trial Offer — Main Course (limited time only)Trial the taming training and tricks DVD parrot course for FREE.
If you don’t like it just cancel anytime in the 30 days and you have nothing to loose but I know you will love it and want to keep it forever.

30 Day Free Trial

Parrot Training Course
Main Parrot Training CourseIF you just want to dive right into the complete parrot training taming and tricks DVD series go for it here, This is a super course that will help you teach your bird 24 tricks in 7 days and is packed full of other great information and bonuses, suprise gifts and extra stuff you wont get anywhere else!

Parrot Training Course

Organic Parrot Food
Organic Parrot Food
Commercial bird seed kills birds, they need much more in their diet than just seed.
Organic Parrot Food
Parakeet/Cockatiel Training Course
Learn how to tame and train budgies, cockatiels and other small parakeets in this fantastic dvd training course.
Parakeet/Cockatiel Training Course
Safe Non Toxic Parrot Toy Programthe all natural safe and non toxic Parrot Toy Program.
Get safe destructible toys delivered to your door monthly.
Keep your bird active and interested when your not around.

Safe Non Toxic Parrot Toy Program

Parrot Training Course
this course comes with bonus food, if you don’t think it can be sent to your country in the mail, best use the following link:
Parrot Training Course Parrot Training Course w/No food bonus
Parrot Training Course w/No food bonus
Stop Screaming Birds CourseThis is the solution the problem of a noisy bird. There is nothing worse than a bird who never stops screeching and screaming. Is it possible to get a bird to be quite? yes it is you can stop your parrot from screaming by following the easy steps in this DVD bird training series.

Stop your screaming Bird course

Main Parrot Store
For a complete range of parrot training courses and videos check out the whole range products that the Womachs have available at their main website.The Complete Bird tricks Parrot Store

So thats a start if your wanting some good help with your bird or just want to make sure your doing the right things by your birds then be sure and check out these items, they are worth every single second and every single cent you spend on them.
have a browse of the bird training courses especially and I highly recommend at least taking the $2.95 talking bird course and the 30 Day Free Trial , its so much fun you will love it, me and my kids love all of the bird tricks stuff. These are not poor quality an we live in Australia and have never had any issues receiving the birdtricks courses to our door, what is great is that they often pop little surprises and gifts in with the material we get. We have had some cool suprises and birdy extras such as pens, bird toys, keyrings and bonus books and videos that we always enjoy receiving so we cant speak highly enough of the Bird Tricks training courses and the bird training provided by the Womach family.