Mobbed By Wild Corellas

The kids and I often visit Neil Hawkins Park in Joondalup Western Australia
to feed the birds and watch some kangaroos.

Mobbed By Wild Corellas Part 3 of 3

On this day we were totally mobbed by wild corellas.

Mobbed By Wild Corellas Part 2 of 3

What started as just a few soon became a large flock.

the corellas were not shy at all and climbed all over us to get to our stash of sun flower seeds.

Mobbed By Wild Corellas Part 1 of 3

The kids had a great time feeding the cockatoos and corellas
but we all left the park that day with more than just a few scratches.

I used the youtube editor to put together the video clip above which is actually made up of a few shorter clips.

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