Jack the Corella

Meet Ida Gallop and Jack the Corella!

This heart warming video is a segment that was shown on the Australian TV show “Burkes Backyard” about an amazing friendship between Jack the Corella and his lovely people partner Ida Gallop.

The most amazing bird you will ever see! Don Burke meets Ida Gallop and her incredible pet Corella ‘Jack”, who thinks he’s human.


The Corella

Licmetis is a subgenus of the white cockatoos (genus Cacatua). They are collectively known as corellas in Australia. Three of the six species are primarily – or only – found in Australia, while the Philippines, Indonesia, and the Solomons each have an endemic species. They are relatively small cockatoos and – unlike the members of the subgenus Cacatua – all have pale bills. While most show yellow-tinged underwings and some red to the face, none have conspicuously coloured crests.


More about Corella Species

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