feed Your Birds Correctly

Are you still feeding your birds on a seed only diet?
You could be killing your bird without knowing it.

An all seed diet is an unhealthy and unnatural diet!
In the wild birds get a lot of variety and exercise foraging for different types of food. They never live exclusively on seed and rarely find sunflower seeds yet many people feed their birds nothing but seeds and some people even feed their parrots and cockatoos exclusively on sunflower seeds.

Seeds are very high in fats and oils and over time the arteries become clogged when a bird is on an all seed diet, seeds are also deficient in many vitamins and minerals.

This is very bad for your bird and will cut down their life expectancy, create iratability in the bird and cause general problems of malnutrition. In order to stay healthy birds need a variety of fruits, nuts, berries, vegies and yes seeds.

The ratio of seed to the rest of the diet is important and should make up less than half of their daily food.

There are many great organic parrot foods available and every companion bird should have crumbles, pellets or mash included in their diet if you want them to be healthy and well nourished.

Here are some examples of fruits and vegitables that should be included in your birds diet, they wont eat it all but you can experment to find out what they enjoy:
Cauliflower,broccoli, spinich, brussel sprouts, carrots, peas, corn, beans, sprouts, and other leafy green vegies, bannana,apple, pear, orange, kiwi fruit, berries of all kinds. My Jenday conure simply loves cherries!

Organic Parrot Food
Commercial bird seed kills birds, they need much more in their diet than just seed.  This product is an excellent all round diet for your Parrot.
Organic Parrot Food

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Organic Parrot Pellets

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The point here is not to feed your birds on seed only,
Yes they need some seed but it should be more of a treat than their staple food source. Get creative and help your bird enjoy life by giving them more variety in their diet and your feathered friend will live a longer, happier life.