Taking care of a companion birds and parrots is much more involved than simply giving Polly a cracker when she asks for it.

Andrew McMullen who is the Websites owner said the goal with the Friendly Birds site is to help individuals who have or are considering getting pet birds to obtain the information that they are looking for when it comes to looking after and interacting with their bird well to ensure the birds have a happy and healthy life. We feel that it is important for bird owners to educate themselves about keeping birds in general and also specifically learning as much as they possibly can about the individual type of birds they have in their lives and homes.

“Re-homing parrots has gotten out of control,” Mr McMullen said. “It used to be that a large parrot would cost you anywhere from $3,000 -$20,000.
Now you can get birds for  as little as $50 or even for free on sites such as Gumtree or Craigs list.”

This accessibility of parrot ownership is causing the birds to suffer the consequences of misinformation and lack of understanding that often results in poor conditions , poor health and bad behaviour.  All bird owners must understand that some species of parrots can live for as much as 90-120 years and some birds purchased may have already been re-homed multiple times in their lifetime. The other major thing to consider is that just like people birds have all sorts of different kinds of personalities and so an individual bird and potential new owner are not always gauranteed to get along. It can happen sometimes that a new bird and owner are simply an ill-suited match and so it is best to get to know a potential new bird for a while before deciding to take them into your home.

“People are treating these animals like they’re not a big deal, but they are,” Mr McMullen said. “They must be treated with respect.”

Mr McMullen has had companion birds as pets since he was 3 years old, and currently has three birds of his own.

JoJo, The Cockatiel; Pedro, a Pink and Grey Galah; and Sunny, a Jenday Conure, all add color and personality to the McMullen’s life.

“Somtimes they are too smart for their own good,” Mr McMullen joked .

He said that many people think they are “easier to care for than a cat or a dog,” but that’s simply just not true and cockatoos and parrots are not for everyone. “They offer a very different kind of interaction than most other kinds of pets,” he said.

McMullen’s most important goal with the Friendly Birds website is to help raise awareness about some of those different needs.

“I want people to know that we are here,” he said. “There is a huge community of people who have companion birds and we can all support each other through sharing our information and resources.”

“The Friendly Birds website is dedicated to helping all bird owners  take the best possible care of their companion birds,” is the friendlybirds.com mission statement. “This goal is accomplished through guest posts, linking to quality informational tools and resources, providing links to like minded websites, facebook pages, youtube videos and all the Friendly Bird friends we have across the world wide net ”

“It doesn’t cost anything to be a member of the friendly birds website ,” Mr McMullen said.
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